We are one of the only companies in Europe who will not only Consult, Design and Install
we also Manufacture and R&D

If the solution does not exist we will build it

And we take on the smallest to the largest of projects......

We have been very busy this year........

Clays - Clay Pigeon Shooting and Cocktails
Shooting Cocktails and Clay Pigeons


20,000 Square Feet of upmarket retail space Sound System & Music Design

SEN School Connectivity Installation
and Full Support

Kuala Lumpur Restaurant, Live Music Bar,
Roof Terrace & Club.
In association with LSD Singapore.

Cocktail Bar & Restaurant
DARE Sound System,
Music Source and Programming

Restaurant, Bar & Brewery
DARE Sound System & Music Concept

One of Birmingham's oldest pubs brought back to life, Background Music System & Live Music Lounge with DARE Sound System.

Up market Bar & Eaterie
Music Programing and Design

In association with Sensory AV

Football Stadium
Extensive ongoing refurbishment,
support and maintenance of
AV, PA and Floodlighting

Thai Restaurant & Cocktail Bar
BOSE Sound System & Music Profile Service

The Line Nine Series - Designed on Collaboration with
Kiss the Hippo

The Line 9 Series