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Nosh & Quaff

Birmingham - United Kingdom

Previously a derelict building overlooking Birmingham’s Victoria Square occupying a very prestigious location in the city centre. This 1 million pound refit launched by the highly respected Lasan Group, was overseen by the now legendary Keane Design Associates.

Nosh and Quaff is essentially a lobster and beer restaurant but there is a lot more to it than that. It is truly a remarkable setting for this American style ‘big’ food concept set against the gentrified ivory coloured marble and hand carved wood panelling. But Keane’s management bring the two elements together without jarring.

DARE Professional Audio were approached to specify the complete system. The ground floor restaurant was particularly tricky acoustically with hard surfaces and high ceiling coupled with listed features. It was certainly challenging but in conjunction with the lighting scheme DARE Professional Audio designed a scheme that provided a full range and seamless system throughout the ground floor restaurant. Also on the ground floor there is private dining which takes one of the venues six independently controlled audio zones.

On Level 1 there is a Cuban party feel with a live music stage utilising DARE Micro 101 full range enclosure and is supported by a DR18 sub bass enclosure. These are in turn supported by DARE Micro 88HP full range enclosures which complete the coverage of the ‘L’ shaped room. The bands have a ‘plug in’ point for a local mixer but the over all volume control is still determined by the management..

Nosh & Quaff is another unique offer in central Birmingham that is demanding with long trading periods the audio system specified by DARE Professional Audio and installed by Sensory Communications satisfies the owner Jabber Khan who said  - the sound is ‘brilliant’ and that is good enough for us…


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Nosh & Quaff - Birmingham - United Kingdom by Keane Brands

Birmingham - England

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