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The DARE P4 Speaker System is here

Over the last few years the Team at DARE have focused on there own projects, whilst maintaining there own manufacturing and R&D base in the UK - one of the very few companies to do this.

 A completely new range of products built around the ground-breaking P4 System.
More information regarding this launch is available by contacting us directly.

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Welcome to the home of DARE Professional Audio

We continue to support every product we have ever produced, going back over 25 Years, it is a policy that we are extremely proud of, and actively encourage,
customers should not hesitate to contact us directly for support and advise.

DARE Professional Audio

Birmingham - England

T:(UK+44) 0121 693 9292
F: (UK+44) 0121 693 9293

We supply transparent advise and support to a vast array of business's world wide with regard to AV and Sound system's
Bars, Restaurant's, Nightclubs, Casinos, Pubs, Private Clubs, Education facilities, Dentists, Gyms and Sport facilities, Live Performance, Environmental Health Noise at Work and Noise pollution.

Consult - Design - Advice - Installation - Repair - Maintain - Sales