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Our experiences and collaborations regarding a very varied project portfolio, we offer consultancy globally on all aspects of the entertainment and commercial technologies, AV, Lighting, Audio and networking.

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Over the last couple of years the technology deployed in all forms of AV and lighting has become ever more complex, and due to our expertise, we find ourselves called on more and more to provide consultancy to a range of developers.

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Obviously this type of work is carried out completely independently, from our own product ranges and the trust we have built up with these type of clients is reflective of our impartial and informed recommendations.

We take a "Real World" approach to our projects - matching aspitations to budget and cover an extremely diverse range of products and disciplines, from Lighting a Race Track in South America for televised night racing, to a Conference Center in Manila or the first land based Casino in India, we constantly find ourselves been asked to specify all kinds of projects.

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Lima, Peru - Casino Project - Now open

Have a look at our projects and you will see how we may be able to help you.

We do not charge for any initial advice, no matter how small or large your project or problem is, so whether you have a Pub or a Amusement park, please do not hesitate to call or email us immediately - We are very professional and friendly.

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