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"Stunning on every level, not just on massive output - but both Sonicly and Visualy"

The DARE P4 Speaker System, has took over 4 years of R&D to complete, and will be exclusively manufactured in our own factory in Birmingham England.

The Speaker system that will come in different power and performance ratings, suitable for a wide range of applications, but fundamentally will be based on a one chassis design - the distinctive P4 stainless steel shell.

The top of the range model – P4 3K, consists of 4 x Neodymium chassis Bass Mid Drivers complimented by 4 x 1” High Definition Neodymium Compression Drivers, the 316 Stainless steel shell is designed to bring these elements together in a unique and very robust format measuring a mere 84cm high and 26cm wide, the speaker will carry an AES Power Rating of 3000w. The P4 will initially be available as P4 1K & P4 3K formats.

All fixtures are made from 316 Stainless steel.

The Modular system is designed to stack in a cylindrical type array, allowing for extraordinary high SPL Levels, whilst emulating incredibly detailed audio reproduction over a wide horizontal and accurate dispersion pattern, whilst tightly controlled vertical dispersion patterns limit problematic room reflections, when the P4 System is correctly designed and installed.

The P4 System will finally complete its journey when the first production run testing completes at the end of November 2015 and will become available available in January 2016, the P4 is exclusively available from DARE Professional Audio UK.


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