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DARE Professional Audio over many years have earned a reputation for both our custom and standard products.

DAre Pro Audio Micro Series Made in Birmingham UK

Unlike many manufacturers in the UK, we have our own Cabinet & Electronic making facilities, along with spraying systems and R&D department, we can produce very specific loudspeakers and sound systems, and do not believe in a "one solution fits all"  type of approach.

On many occasions the design of a room or venue is so important to the private, entertainment or commercial owner, its simply impossible to apply  generic products. We always evaluate every aspect of the design, deployment and budgetary constraints of each individual project - then apply the best solution, we never "shoe horn" standard products in too venues - We take great care and pride in getting it right from the drawing board to compilation.

By reputation our end results are second to none, as the many happy clients will bear witness too.

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