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Hooters American Restaurant's  returns to the UK

Bristol and Cardiff winter 2010/11

For those travelers in America that know this chain of restaurants, you will also know you will ether love them or hate them, but there is one thing that you will not be able to ignore - and thats the success, with over 450 "Shops" in the states alone.

DARE Technical Services, acted as consultants for the chain as they prepared for there re-launch in the UK, and not only supplied advice regarding, AV and Audio, but Sammy DeHavilland, senior partner music profiled the brand for the UK with the help of Birmingham based Candy Rock Recording.

Both venues are considered large operations compared to there USA counterparts, and were major projects as they aimed to be up and running for the lucrative Christmas trading periods.Besides the legendary Wings, ad Burgers a fairly hefty slice of technology has been served to the hungry masses of Cardiff And Bristol, over 50 LED Screens of various sizes were supplied, along with nearly 150 speakers.

Press release - 12/1/2011 London

Hooters Bristol and Cardiff
Hooter's Bristol and Cardiff

Birmingham - England

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