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Heritage We have been involved within our industry for over 30 years. Producing Sound systems of the very highest standard.

We have a commitment to maintain to the best of our ability "Every" product we have ever made, once a product becomes a Heritage product, i.e. no longer in production, we will still support and maintain them.

Because of the very high performance and manufacturing standards that we produce too, an extremely long and demanding working life is envisaged for our systems, and everyone of them should sound and perform as good as the day it left our factory.

Many DARE users have come to love there systems, and most have provided many years service, because of the standard we build too, so much so we have been known to refurbish - and in certain cases, re-manufacture Heritage products.

ALL DARE products fall into either Heritage or Current Catagories, no other company in the world offers this support.

Birmingham - England - B1 3AS

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