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                          at The Mailbox Birmingham Autumn 2015.

Birmingham’s newest specialist cocktail bar has opened in the Mailbox. Aluna specialises in expertly crafted dramatic and magical cocktails. There is nothing else like it in Birmingham.

Aluna formerly the Oriental has been transformed by Architect and Designer Patrick Casey of Avalon Design into a venue where you can escape from the mainstream mass market. Aluna is a unique destination full eclectic and eccentric quality. The lighting décor and sound system ia as extravagant as the cocktails.

Local professional audio manufacturer DARE Professional Audio were approached to provide a sound system specification that was dynamic at low and high volumes and that could cater for a sophisticated modern music profile that would also be able to accommodate a DJ driven evening when prescribed by the management.

The sound system comprises of 8 DARE Micro 88HP full range loudspeakers divided into two zones these Micro 88HP are supported by 2 DRX700 sub bass enclosures which have been built into the fixed seating handling the business end of the system. The system is digitally processed with remote volume control and a source select facility. There are local plug in points for DJ and bands in different locations depending on the layout and function of the venue. Great care was taken by DARE Professional Audio to work with Patrick Casey the designer and the operating team to provide a system that was capable of matching client expectation which was exactly what was provided.

Aluna is a unique offer in Birmingham it is a high quality highly specified venue catering for the upper end of the market in Birmingham. The venue wants to push boundaries in the late night bar culture in the city and they certainly have the tools within the venue to do it.

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Aluna Birmingham Birmingham by Avalon Design

Birmingham - England

T: (UK+44) 0121 693 9292
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