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Acoustics & Engineering We always provide our clients with the very best in technical support, we extend this to anyone who is proposing to develop new Venues, refurbish existing ones or has existing problems.

We can advise on all aspects of "Sound" construction and design, Room Optimization, Noise Pollution, Sound Proofing, and in a variety of areas "Work Rest and Play". Our experience extends to all of these categories, Schools, Entertainment Venues, Licensed premises, Residential, Public Areas and the Workplace.

acoustic Sound proofing advice
Sound proofing and acoustics don't have to be ugly

The success of any sound systems is based on how well it is designed and implemented, over the years we are always surprised at how many systems are installed without consideration for either of these disciplines, and subsequently re-installed many systems - Not of our own making  :)

Over the last few years there have been huge advancements in the technology that allows the prediction of sound system performance, and we have invested heavily in the very latest Acoustic prediction software, allowing us to be on the cutting edge.

Our clients can rest assured that not only will there project be optimized for sonic performance, but will also take in other considerations - Noise at Work and Noise Pollution are just two of the obvious pitfalls, as well as the more obvious room acoustics.

We can guide clients through the minefield of current legislation, as well as advise new clients regarding existing problems, we also carry out impact studies and liaise with the EHO.

acoustic sound proofing advice
India Casino Resort - Water Park and Hotel

acoustic sound proofing advice consult
India Casino Resort - Interior progressing nicely

Please also note that these services are not exclusive to DARE systems, and inquiry's are more than welcome from customers who have products supplied by other manufacturer's.

Acoustic sound proofing advice consult

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