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We take time to build relationships with our clients, find out why they like us.

OK we have been around since the earth began - well, not quite, lets just say long enough to know a thing or two about our Industry, we have a vivid interest in all things technological and the thirst to learn has never gone away, historically we have had relationships or worked with practically every UK manufacturer.... and a few abroad too.

We know the difference between something that will work, and something that may work - but then fail, its and endemic philosophy of our company, that sets us aside. We also know the difference between "good and bad" but just as importantly we know how to make a clients budget work for them.

We rise to the challenge on a daily basis, its what keeps us alive, many of those reading this site will know the two principles within the company Sammy DeHavilland and Paul Dunkley.

We are vastly experienced in AV & Sound system design and  installation, we offer free consultancy period to all of our customers, and access there situation sympathetic to acoustic and budgetary demands.
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